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Be better with cycling
Pro Cycling Tourism is a label made for people who wants the best.
We provide cycling services for hostels, cycling holidays and cycling events organizations. We are your key to success.

Hostels and Accomodations : Provide new offers to your customers. Sell Bike Tours straight at the counter with our half day MTB Tours offers and make margin.

For the most avid of your cycling customers, we come and take them out for a guided ride, right at your doorstep. Road cyclist or MTB riders, it doesn’t matter, we know the land and they will discover the best places with their own bikes. We rent MTB and vintage bikes as well as repair bikes when its needed, wich means NOW. Be sure to have a premium service on site with us and refer as a bike friendly accomodation.

Cycling Holidays Organizations : Let’s roll on the best routes ! We lead to great tracks and make sure your have the best adventures of a lifetime. Our experience allows us to give you the best results for creating cycling holidays and raises the quality of your tours. From picking the right places to guiding with smile, we leave no doubt about quality service ! Cherry on top, we service bikes on the go, for a ride to be remembered.

Cycling events organizations : Team up with us to have the best event ! Need a track ? We will create it for you. Need organization for your event ? We will sort it out for you as well as coordinate your partners to be on time for a great day of cycling. Many trust us, why not you ? Call for enquiries

Companies : Contact us to help your partners and employees to become cycling commuters ! We do biking awareness and propose bike repair servicing on site, so you don’t waste time and focus on your company results.

Reward your staff with bike tours out in the nature and be a « feeling good » company !

Overall, our goal is to make you BIKE FRIENDLY with the best quality

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